American revolutionary Samuel Adams once remarked:
"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination
nor both together go to the making of genius.
Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."

If this is true, then our friend Emmett James Morgan, Jr., was indeed a genius.

Emmett loved people. And people loved him.

This page is our small way of honoring Emmett and continuing his legacy of love and kindness.

Dennis Jr.'s Eulogy

Again, I am learning...  We are learning.
These are the crossroads where we are faced with a deep longing for answers. 
Here's what I've learned: these things happen so we become stronger, so we become the beacons for hope. The builders of experience.
Sometimes it happens unexpectedly. It happens suddenly. It happens silently. Where normally we see the storm coming, and the news comes as you'd expect it...
But, there are times... Times where I wish I would have said something more meaningful than, "can't wait to see you again," and, "take care," and, "I love you..."
More meaningful than I love you.... Well, I did share that.
July 4th, this year... just seeing Emmett brought that familiar smile and comfort to me. He was always able to do this with honest words, simple, easy gestures. 
Thinking back, I remember a level of honesty that Emmett possessed. I think part of it was what he found valuable in The Training. And part of it was downright Morgan. 
Candace, to lose your partner, I cannot fathom. The pain must shake so deep. 
At this moment for us, you are the beacon--the light that brings growth and learning--enlightenment. Emmett saw this. We see this. The strength that you possess... Strength.
We are all stronger with you. You make us the builders. The builders of experience -- the ones that exemplify poise and consternation when caught unexpectedly by our loved ones’ call. Emmett's "bringing home."
My only wish now is that I could have been there to share with everyone, to share in your embrace and kind words, and to share in this moment where we remember Emmett....
I'll know when you reach this part because wherever I am the world will pause, the wind will hold its breath for just a moment, and the universe will stand still as I look across your faces and think to myself how much I love and miss you all, and how I can't wait to see you again. 
My love always.

Dennis Morgan, Jr. (Emmett's nephew)